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Karin and I are sisters, best friends and also business partners. Our children are colourful, just like their mothers. Between us we have a child with mild OCD and a very high strung personality, a wonderful, full-blown ADHD boy, and a lovely Asperger Syndrome boy. Yes, there is also a little late-comer, 11 years younger and oh, so witty.

In our primary business we work with learners who have attention problems and / or are diagnosed with ADHD. Naturally, we get to meet lots of parents who express their concerns, worries, struggles and heart breaking stories of how their kids are labelled in school. Our journey convinced us that we need to do something to help parents and learners. We already knew from personal experience what a struggle it is to help children with their studies.

We enrol our kids in expensive study method courses with the expectation that it will solve all our problems. We go to extra classes and extra reading. Our kid’s afterschool programs are full and there is barely time for themselves.


  • It all starts with the child’s ability to concentrate and to be consistent in school work.
  • Children who process information slowly, show impulsive behaviours or are affected by noise and visual distractions will not be able to study effectively.
  • Parents do not attend study method courses with their children and are unable to help and guide them afterwards – this is a huge disadvantage. How can you help if YOU, the parent do not know how?
  • The techniques are not implemented, because the child is unsure, and still struggle after completing the course.
  • Poor reading skills and poor comprehension
  • In the end, they mostly fall back onto their old ways.

THE CHALLENGE - As parents, we understand the demands and challenges our children experience in school every day. Lack of time, homework, reports, assignments, complicated and difficult schoolwork, busy schedules and extramural activities are all challenges we face every day.

THE SOLUTION - We have been coaching study techniques for the last 3 years and have identified the exact problem areas our children struggle with, as well as developed the solution to help our kids achieve success. Each child is different and should ultimately develop his/her own learning style for it to become a habit.

OUR DREAM  -  We want to teach, coach and enable other passionate individuals to also make a difference in their own Study Hub businesses. We want every child to feel confident in their studies and for them to believe they can achieve anything.

Your child needs a study coach who cares and hence The Study Hub was founded.

Karin Visser

Marlize Robberts